P o r t f o l i o

Aathvan Sarg
Ethnic Cultural Theatre, Seattle WA in 2017

Aathvan Sarg is an intelligent play in English where production imagines a timeless story of artistic expression, religious desire for censorship, and state’s inability to mediate in a contemporary setting.

Created 11 inches x 17 inches poster and website to promote the show and few of the options are provided here.

Once Upon a Time
Meydenbaur Center, Bellevue WA in 2017.

This is a dance show performed by Aakriti Dance Academy to raise money for Asha for education.

Created 17 inches x 11 inches poster along with facebook badges for promotions using Adobe photoshop and illustrator.

Dance Like a Man
ACT Theatre, Seattle WA in 2016

Dance like a Man is a study of human relationships framed by the age old battle between tradition and youthful rebellion.

Created 3 inches x 3 inches poster and website to promote the show and few of the options are provided here.

ACT Theatre, Seattle, WA in 2017

Website: www.pratidhwani.org/queen

Queen by Madhuri Shekar is a play about pursuit of truth, relationships, and bees.

Created poster,postcards,banner, website and digital marketing pieces for social media and print images for bottles .


Everything But the Paper
Bellevue Youth Theatre, Bellevue WA in 2014.

This is a comedy play in English which explores the ideas of marriage and divorce and their mean to a contemporary Indian family?

Created 4 inches x 4 inches postcards and website to promote the show using Adobe illustrator, photoshop and inDesign.Few of the options are provided here.

Infoway Consulting
Bellevue, WA in 2011

Website: www.infowayconsulting.net

Created brochure and a flash based website to expand their consulting business.