P o r t f o l i o


StoryCo is a startup which is a full stack studio working at the intersection of design, data and culture with the vision of designing for a more humanised world.


I was asked to redesign the entire site for different array of platforms and create storybox as part of storyco and their presentation drawings to generate more traffic.

Design Solution

After understanding the idea from the client, studied more to get the main idea behind this platform and how to create and represent their brand globally. Presented multiple iterations for their presentation drawings, wireframes, prototypes and mockups and approved the final layout. Created clean and easy to navigate site. Kept the brand and typography intact throughout the project.

Presentation drawings.

Tools Used:

Illustrator, Phtoshop, Powerpoint

Wireframes with final mockup

Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop


Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop.