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StoryCo is a startup which is a full stack studio working at the intersection of design, data and culture with the vision of designing for a more humanised world.
Website: www.storyco.studio


I was approached to create their brand presentation designs and a new clean blanket design for their website with the following questions.

* How might we efficiently provide storyco brand with web presence?
* How might we optimize brand site to increase engagement?
* How can client update the content themselves without breaking the style guidelines?
* How can we redesign interactive, user friendly and easy to navigate site for different array of platforms and create storybox as part of storyco to generate more web presence.

Design Solution

The scope of the project was focused on providing the brand with stable, responsive and easily accessible website for their users and global team.
After visiting their old static site page, which was scatterred in bits and pieces, tailored the components for user's point of view. For instance, kept in mind all their team members and involved them to share their stories and asked for their most favorite image with wich they can relate, so that viewers can understand the team better and engage easily.
Revamped the navigation to create simple and easy to navigate in internal pages and user can easily follow the navigation flow. To avoid tight spacing for top navigation, created fixed navigation component on left hand side which follows on all the pages.
Created Mandala to showcase their approach of work about empathy and exploring the creatve human spirit with reducing stress, anxiety and disengagement.
Kept the color pallet soft, overall consistency, simplicity and created images which relates to their brand's story.
Added google analytics to keep a track on their pages

Wireframes with final mockup

Created iterations and took feeback and worked on low fideity wireframes and later presemted high fidelity wireframes and mockups.
Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop, XD
Right clock on the image to open play controls.


Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop.

Presentation drawings

Created presentation drawings for their clients to showcase their brand story.
Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Powerpoint.